You are so cute! And with our amazing facials and skin care products, we’re about to bring out the best in your skin care routine!

You know your skin. we know our amazing staff and products. Between all of us, we’ve got this covered!

Want to relax and let our talented estheticians do the work? This is great for giving your skin a little boost and the deep clean it needs. We have a wide range of treatments from a chemical facial, 24kt facial, dermaplaning, and so much more!

We want you to be satisfied with your appointment – no ifs, ands, or butts! We offer facials for your legs, arms, and butt. And ladies, if you need a little extra TLC elsewhere on your body, consider our body facials. Great skincare isn’t limited to just your face.

We have machine facials that offer the latest and greatest technology! Try our LED Facial (with three light treatment options!), foot detox, or high frequency add on.

We believe in high quality products that are good for your skin and made with good things! We carry products from Oui Cosmetics. Pittsburgh’s very own custom skincare brand. These luxury skincare products are made in small batches, clean, and are EU certified.

30 Minute Facial $47

60 Minute Facial $60

Chemical Peel Facial $119

Microdermabrasion Short Facial $65

CryoFacial $350

Microdermabrasion Full Facial $175

30 Minute Men’s Facial $50

60 Minute Men’s Facial $65

Dermaplanning Facial $110

Collagen Facial $120

Collagen Plus – $170

HydraFacial – $165

24KT Gold Facial $185

Facial Consult (30 min) $49

Lash Lift and Tint $75

Henna Brows $75

Legs body facial $100

Back body facial $100

High Frequency $25

LED Facial $30

Dermaplanning $25

HydroJelly Masks $25

Once a Month Facial Membership
(Three Month Membership)
  • Once a month facial with your pick of a machine skin care treatment (microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, or high frequency).

Our facial Membership is a commitment of 3 months Auto-payment monthly 3 month minimum. If cancelled before 3 months, the total is due and will be charged to the credit card on file. Must cancel 30 days before next cycle notice in writing submitted by email at Regular cancellation policy applies

I’m new to this. What exactly happens during a facial?

Good question! During a facial one of our trained estheticians uses high quality products to exfoliate, extract, clean, and moisturize your skin. You will rest and relax while they help take care of your skin. Many clients will have facials for relaxation and self care while others come for treatments to help heal specific skin conditions. You’re in good hands with our estheticians!

Are facials only for women?

No! Facials are for everyone! We offer men’s facials, women’s facials, and many other amazing facial services and add ons.

You know, I’ve always wondered what is an esthetician?

An estheticians is a trained professional who specializes in giving skincare treatments. We have several estheticians on our team!

How long are appointments?

Well, it depends on what you have scheduled! Most of our facials will be about 45 minutes to up to an hour and 15 minutes. Our add ons will add about 30 minutes to your total appointment time.

Should I tip?

Tips are welcomed & very much appreciated! Our technicians accept cash, Venmo cash app, and more. 

Will someone meet with me to talk through what is best for my skin?

Yes we will! All of our appointments account for time to talk with one of our certificate skin care technicians and our licensed estheticians.

Tell me more about your LED Machine Facial Add On.

Want to go beyond a standard facial and use the greatest and latest technology to heal and treat your skin? Then consider our LED Facial Add On! With three light treatment colors, it’s an AMAZING service to heal your skin from underneath.

What are the benefits of the LED Facial Add On? 

  • Rebuild Collagen
  • Reduces Fine Line and Wrinkles
  • Reduces Age/Sun Spots
  • Skin Clarity
  • Reduces Acne

What are the three types of lights you use for the LED Facial Add On?

Skin Rejuvination (Yellow Light) High-purity yellow light improves microcirculation, and inhibits melanin production in order to fade dark spots, freckles, and blemishes. This method of skin rejuvenation is recommended as an effective treatment for skin problems caused by age and sun exposure.

Wrinkle Removal (Red Light) Red light treatment can be effective for increasing collagen, rapidly removing waste products and dead cells from skin tissue, and stimulating the production of fibroblastic growth factor in order to repair damaged skin, soften small wrinkles, regain elasticity, and improve the overall complexion leaving skin soft, moist, and smooth.

Acne Killer (Blue Light) High-purity blue light, which is particularly effective for absorbing the Propionibacteriaceae in acne, permeates 0.25mm under the skin’s surface before beginning the process of cell sterilization: destroying the habitat of bacillus that live in the skin.  After sterilizing the area the blue light treatment also soothes inflammation to remove acne as well as existing scars.